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Kindergarten curriculum package
Curriculum Packages by Grade provide convenient access to the Prescribed Learning Outcomes for each subject area, as contained in the educational program guides. Suggested achievement indicators, where available, are also contained in the Curriculum Packages by Grade. The original educational program guides provide additional information such as instructional strategies, assessment strategies and learning resources, and are available at:
http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/irp/irp_math.htm or in French @ http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/irp/firp_math.htm .
All western and northern Canadian provinces and territories have a common curriculum. The WNCP common curriculum framework for mathematics can be found @ http://www.wncp.ca/english/subjectarea/mathematics/ccf.aspx in both French and English.

Primary Program

external image primary.jpgChildren in British Columbia spend their first four years of school in the primary program (kindergarten to grade 3). Children must be five years old by December 31st in order to enter their first year of school (kindergarten).

The Primary Program: A Framework for Teaching English (PDF, 4.6MB) French (PDF, 1.06MB), developed by the Ministry, is a resource for primary teachers. This guide to effective practice for K-3:
  • provides a comprehensive overview of policy, curriculum, and information on classroom assessment, and refers to the BC performance standards
  • provides pedagogical advice based on current research related to Grades K-3
  • demonstrates how the prescribed learning outcomes of the IRPs at K-3 may be organized and presented according to the five areas of development:
    • aesthetic and artistic development
    • emotional and social development
    • intellectual development
    • physical development and well-being
    • development of social responsibility and citizenship

Research information is given throughout the document and is included in research direction boxes to address issues of particular importance.
To support the implementation of full school day kindergarten, the Ministry of Education is updating the Primary Program: A Framework for Teaching (2000) (PDF, 4.6MB) to include the latest research and best practices to support children’s learning and development. The draft resource titled, "The Primary Program: A Guide for Teaching (2010)", is available for review on the Ministry of Education website at: http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/irp/drafts/ from June 25, 2010 to October 15, 2010. Teachers, parents, education partners and stakeholders are invited to provide feedback by filling in the response form. The updated Primary Program will be available during the 2010/2011 school year. It is now available. Please contact Jeanette McCrie.

Outcomes Poster

- YTA Members: A large copy of this poster is in the Catalogue of Curriculum Materials and is available via the regular ordering process through Resource Services - MA0020: Math K-7 overview poster 2007

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